decisionhealth rebrand

aligning corporate culture with outward appearance

For over 30 years, DecisionHealth has been an industry leader for news, analysis and instructional guidance. DecisionHealth's product portfolio includes books, newsletters, conferences and online applications. While at DecisionHealth, we spent over a year aligning the outward-facing brand with the corporate culture. This included a new logo and brand strategy, website overhaul and modernization of websites and applications.


The existing logo for DecisionHealth didn't accurately reflect our people-first perspective. We also felt the color scheme and iconography didn't represent our name or mission. The proposed new logo replaces the red with green to reinforce the health concept. Additionally, the icon speaks to the company name. View some of my other logo designs here.

new logo



existing logo:

old logo

website redesign

The exisiting website is extremely outdated and in need of an overhaul to not only meet current web standards, but to improve SEO and overall visibility and funnel visitors to their appropriate market-specific content for increased conversions and list-building.

We started the redesign from the ground up, beginning with card sorting, sketching, and sitemaps.

card sorting

website planning

With final sitemaps and strategy in place, wireframes (created with Axure), sketches and prototypes were created so we could test user flow and content.

dh wireframes

dividing lines

moodboard and brand guide

Once a logo, mission and mantra were agreed upon, we set upon creating brand guides and moodboards for the company as a whole, and our individual markets. The moodboards included typography, photography styles and iconography.

market moodboards

After the corporate moodboard was defined, market-specific moodboards were created with those elements relevent to their representative demographics.

dh markets

hhcc app

product alignment

Along with our brand, I was also updating each product, including our web-based applications, to reflect the updated personality and technology.

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