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a study in usability and user-interface

SelectCoder is a web-based application that helps medical practices and facilities (hospitals) in finding the correct medical code to ensure proper reimbursement. The product serves medical coders and billers and aims to help them perform their jobs quickly and more accurately.

project scope

This project began as a basic redesign of the Search component. The default Search is in actuality an advanced Search in which a user can select from ten different medical code sets and search either a code itself or a term. Through analytics and user testing, we found that aproximately 40% of searches returned a "No Results Found" page, because the interface used an out-dated, tab-based search (see below).


Search Results


I created several options for both redesigning search and doing some UI updates without disrupting the user experience. The goal was to remove excess white space and bring content higher up on the page. Additionally, I felt we should follow conventions and move the search field to the upper right. Colors were minimized, gradients removed, and logo size was reduced to accomodate these desires. I then created wireframes and a first-click test using ChalkMark, to ensure that our new search strategy would be easy to understand and cause minimal disruption.

Based on Analytics, we also widened the default width of the application and made it responsive. The vast majority of our users were using widescreen monitors and this allowed content to also be more accessible.


Search Results


One of the other interface tasks in this multi-phased redesign was a "Code Builder" in which beginner coders could build a code by narrowing down their options from a pick-list. As the coders made selections, the code would build itself and prompt further decision-making.

Search Results
Search Results
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